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The Reality of Welfare Reform

When I first started on disability research, I just saw the numbers. I saw that 40% of ESA claimants told they are fit to work then appeal that decision, and most of them win. I saw that nurses under-award points for people with physical health conditions, and physiotherapists under-award points for people with mental health conditions. I saw that most assessments are carried out by either nurses or physiotherapists. I saw that decision makers are not consistent in the accuracy or quality of the decisions they make.

In all of this I saw the fear and the stress for ill people going through an assessment process that they knew to be inaccurate. I saw people calling for, and suggesting, improvements to the assessment process that could make it more accurate. I saw the government say that it accepts recommendations from the independent review, and then either not carry them out or carry them out so poorly that they brought little, if any, improvement.

With my head concentrating on figures I started to become numb to the reality. I forgot how shocking the statistics – the real ones – and the stories are. I told a friend that fraud in the disability benefits is less than half of a per cent, and was amazed at how surprised she was.

So then I started to read some stories. I read about people who cannot afford to put glass back into their broken windows and whose houses are falling into disrepair. I read about people being evicted from their homes. I read about people having cooked meals once every other day, eating bread in between. I read about people skipping medicine because it had to be taken with food and they didn’t any. I read about people having to fund-raise for equipment they need that their local authority won’t provide.

It made me think. I’m middle class so I haven’t seen much of the grinding effects of poverty before. I’ve spoken with people who think benefits are adequate and there isn’t a problem. But I’m seeing the problem now; I know people who are struggling; I’m seeing what happens when there isn’t enough money and there isn’t enough health. I’m seeing the despair.

I’m seeing the effects of the government deciding that people who may return to work from sickness benefits should receive benefit for only one year, even though the majority are still too ill to work at that point. I’m seeing the effects of the government deciding that people under 35 can live in shared accommodation, and thus reducing the housing benefit, without considering the health needs of these people. I’m seeing the effects of the government deciding that people should be charged for under-occupying, even though the under-occupation is this and past government’s fault for not building enough social housing.

And there are so many more cuts and changes. Benefits aren’t being uprated in line with inflation, wages, food or fuel. The Independent Living Fund has been closed. Council Tax Benefit is being reduced. Disability Living Allowance is being replaced with a benefit that ministers knew in advance would cut 20% off the money going to disabled people.

People have ended their lives. People are going without food and medicine. People are becoming homeless.

And this is because of the changes this government is making.

We need to realise what is going on. We need to get angry about what is being done, and let the government know this is not what we want. We need to start protecting those who are sick from extra poverty and stress, and stop listening to the unfounded scrounger rhetoric.

Don’t let the government get away with this. There is still time to make changes that will work, but the government needs to know that we want them. We can stop people dying of despair, losing their homes or becoming even more ill. But we need to let the government know.


Compassionate Conservatives

Today is Cameron’s speech at the Conservative conference.  Before he made his speech, Sue Marsh released this list of changes made by his government that do not fit the description “compassionate.”

Halving Support for disabled children,

Scrapping the “Youth Premium” that ensured independence for the most profoundly disabled children;

Scrapping Crisis Loans;

Cutting housing support for disabled people;

Cutting council budgets so hard that they cannot provide social care to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities;

Introducing PIP to replace DLA with the aim of cutting 500,000 vulnerable people from the figures without a single assessment;

Introducing unlimited, unpaid work for those with significant illnesses or disabilities;

Cutting all benefit support for sick and disabled people appealing their ESA decisions;

Lying to the public about Work Capability Assessments and failing to make them fit for purpose while disabled people suffer and die;

Encouraging hate crime by constantly feeding the media “scrounger” stories about the sick and disabled;

Closing Remploy factories, throwing over 1500 working disabled people on the scrapheap;

Exaggerating fraud rates and implying all sick and disabled people are “feckless, festering, stock”;

Lying about the levels of disability benefit fraud repeatedly and feeding politicised press releases to the media;

Turning neighbour on neighbour and fostering a climate of hate towards the sick and disabled;

Forcing cancer patients to the jobcentre;

Privatising our health service despite promises that you would protect it;

Rationing access to NHS treatment;

Cutting respite care despite promising you understood and would help;

Suggesting in PIP that a sick or disabled person can “bathe” if they can wash above the waist only;

Re-classifying paraplegics as “fully mobile” if they use their wheelchairs too well;

Blocking improvement in Atos assessments;

Lying about Workfare repeatedly to the press;

Falsifying internet documents to make your workfare lies look like the truth.
The full blog can be found here: http://diaryofabenefitscrounger.blogspot.com/