Most important thing, I am a Christian.  This is the fundamental behind everything I do and am.

Second most important thing, I have M.E.   I care a lot about disability rights and follow the welfare reform bill very closely.  A lot of my posts will be about statements made by the government and media,  because I don’t agree with their pejorative language and misleading (or complete lack of) use of facts.   The only reason I have the strength to read and write is because my parents look after everything else for me.  And because I care, and will always care, and will continue to care even if it destroys my health.

I’ve been writing a book, ‘(Why We’re Not) Benefit Scroungers.’  Being ill, it’s taken quite some time.  The book is about living with disability or chronic illness in the UK, and what the welfare system is like.   It will be published at the beginning of December.  When I’ve worked out how to do it, I will make the book available to pre-order, so please keep checking back for the latest news on it.  You can also follow me on Twitter (@AidaAleksia) or add me on Facebook (Aida Aleksia) to be kept informed of the progress of the book.  In the meantime, you can find out more at these posts:




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