Making a god of God

Yesterday I went to Coventry with my sister.  We went to see the old cathedral, the one that had fallen down when bombs hit in during WW2.  As we sat and chatted we started talking about God and how we relate to him.

We are often told not to make a god of money, or beauty, or success.  Time and again preachers will stand and say that we should not make these things our goal, our aim in life; that we can serve God or money but not both.  We know we are idolising them, making gods of them, when we always want more and are not satisfied with what we have.   We start sacrificing our time, our energy, our health, our friendships so that we can get more and more of our god.

We are told not to make gods of these things.  But we don’t always remember the other side of this, the positive side, that there is a God who should stand in our life as God.

How many of us make a god of God?

Knowing God should be our goal, glorifying him the aim of our life.  We should want more and more of him, never satisfied with what we have.  All our time, our energy, our wealth and beauty should be spent in knowing and serving God.  We shouldn’t even hesitate when being God’s disciple means sacrificing our health and friendships.

The people who built Coventry Cathedral knew this.  They knew what was due to God and what he was worth.  Let us become people who build cathedrals.


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